Menopause and natural supplements.


Any woman who has gone through menopause knows how difficult it can be. Menopause supplements are very often women’s first choice. There are many different supplements. Some are for insomnia, some are for changes in mood or mood swings, some are for body aches and pains, and some are for anxiety. There are also menopause supplements for low libido.

Some supplements are an ‘all in one.’ The best thing for any woman to do is to visit a health store online, or a pharmacy, and look at the options. There are always lots of supplements to choose from and it can be overwhelming to make the right choice. The staff are available to help and all the information a woman needs is also on the bottles.

Menopause and its side effects

Menopause is not fun and that is why there are so many supplements online to help ease the symptoms. Some of these symptoms can be an irregular menstrual cycle, hot flushes, feeling hot and then cold, vaginal dryness, night sweats (which any woman will tell you are awful), irritability, mood swings and insomnia. There are medical therapies that a woman may choose such as hormone replacement therapy, and a doctor will always advise on the pros and cons of this. But natural supplements are also helpful and can either be taken without the other therapies or some in conjunction with these therapies under medical advice.

Menopause supplements

If you are interested in knowing what supplements for menopause include, then here is a list but note that there are others.

  • Flaxseed – helps with night sweats.
  • Black Cohosh – helps with hot flushes.
  • Lemon balm – to help with insomnia.
  • Melatonin – for better sleep.
  • Calcium – prevents bone less
  • Red Clover – Menopause symptoms in general
  • Ginseng – a mood booster.
  • St. Johns Wart – a mood booster
  • Wild Yam – hormone replacement.

As we say, some of these supplements can be taken on an individual basis. We know that calcium, for example, is always good for women – and not just women going through menopause. We know that St. Johns Wart or Ginseng are good supplements, for men and women, not just through menopause. Melatonin can always be helpful for people who struggle to sleep. Do the research and see which supplements you want to take, either on an individual basis or as an ‘all-in-one’ menopause supplement.

How long can one take menopause supplements?

You can take supplements right throughout menopause if they are going to help you. Read the instructions and take the required dosage and don’t overdo it. Supplements, when they are natural, cannot do any harm when taken under medical supervision and according to dosage instructions.

Buy supplements from a natural health supplement supplier and one who comes to you with good recommendations. Supplements for menopause are not cheap but they do work. Good supplements are available from natural health stores, pharmacies, some supermarkets and online.

Written by Kate Vosburgh