Top benefits of dairy farming

Dairy Farm

There are many different dairy farm jobs in Tasmania that contribute to successful dairy farming. Some people think that because we are living in modern times, dairy farming is not as important as it used to be. Some people do understand the importance of working in such an important industry.

Read on as we explain some benefits of dairy farming.

Health benefits

Milk is a nutrient powerhouse that is naturally sourced and contains at least nine essential nutrients for excellent nutrition. According to scientific research, regardless of fat content, consuming dairy foods like cheese, milk, and yoghurt is very important as it is associated with healthy bones, especially in teens and children. It also reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and it lowers blood pressure among adults.

The versatility of dairy products

When you think of how many products can be produced from milk, it is nothing short of amazing – yoghurt, cheese, butter, ice cream, sour cream, cottage cheese, a vast array of specialty cheeses, and more. Then consider all the foods that contain dairy as the main ingredient. It is used in chocolate and as a base for soup. It is used in biscuit mixes and adds flavouring to snacks. It’s an essential ingredient in many bakery goods. When you consider the wide range of foods that include dairy, you aren’t many other natural foods as versatile as milk. This is just one of the reasons you need to be proud to find dairy farm jobs.

A clean label

Right now, one challenge that we have in the dairy industry is the systemic decline in milk sales. While there may be a lot of competitors in the beverage industry, one advantage of milk is that a lot of these competitors do not have is a clean label. Consumers need to be reminded that milk is natural and it does not contain any chemicals. Milk is organic from the dairy cow.

A local supply

Local business is steering the economy and many consumers will go out of their way to support a local farm just to be sure they are purchasing local products. In grocery stores, you will find special displays for local foods to prevent lost sales. Milk is one of the purest and freshest local products that can be offered to consumers. It is produced locally in many places and it is in the grocery store whenever you need it.

A stronger infrastructure

The dairy industry provides millions of people with jobs across the globe. There are different types of jobs in the dairy industry such as feeding the cows, supplying food and water, cleaning, milking, supplying milk, processing, marketing and distribution. This has contributed to better infrastructure.

Passion and care

Finding dairy farm jobs in Tasmania can make you more satisfied with life and give you a renewed purpose. Farm families care for their farms, animals and for the crops they grow. It is very easy to be frustrated by the anti-farming rhetoric out there but we need to continue telling our story and sharing our passion with our neighbours.

Written by Guest Contributor Mika Ho