Important questions you need to ask your mechanic


There are a lot of mechanics in Caringbah and throughout Greater Sydney, and this makes it very difficult to hire the right one. Handing your vehicle over to a mechanic is not a decision you should take lightly. Trusting someone with one of your most expensive possessions can be difficult. It is therefore important that you feel confident it is in good hands. You should therefore ask the right questions and if the mechanic or the repair shop doesn’t answer your questions to your satisfaction, you should choose another mechanic.

Here are some important questions you need to ask before hiring a mechanic.

  • What are my car repair options?

A lot of car issues have different solutions. Some car mechanics may route you into the most expensive solutions by not explaining your other options. You should therefore ask about other potential routes and ensure your mechanic explains everything thoroughly.

Not every car owner is a car expert. That is okay! Do not feel embarrassed to ask a lot of questions. It is the job of your mechanic to help you understand everything about your car and even help you make informed decisions.

  • What certifications do you have?

A reputable mechanic will have certifications from the relevant institutions. Certified technicians have shown proof of experience and expertise in their field and they are tested regularly to ensure they are on top of the ever-changing technology. If a car mechanic near you claims to be experienced, ask them for proof of experience.

  • Can you provide a maintenance plan?

Good mechanics want to give your vehicle back in the best condition. They are always working hard to help you keep your vehicle in excellent condition. You should therefore ask your mechanic to provide a maintenance schedule and compare it with the recommendations in the owner’s manual. You should go by the car manufacturer’s recommendations and wave goodbye to a car mechanic who is trying to sell you services you do not need.

  • Can you show me my old parts?

If you took your car to a mechanic to replace car parts, you should ask them to return your old parts. This will be educational for you as you will be able to see what the part looks like when it is new and when it is damaged. It also ensures that the part was replaced. If your mechanic refuses to show you the old part then it should be a red flag.

What kind of warranties do you offer?

You should avoid any mechanics that do not offer warranties. Good mechanics Caringbah give certain guarantees on the services and products they provide. However, the warranties vary from one shop to another. Before the repair shop begins working on your vehicle, you should ask them about various warranty options. Repair shops that are confident in their services will provide guarantees.

Written by Greg Johnson