Did you know probiotics boost the immune system?

Gut Health

A probiotic is beneficial bacteria. Probiotics are tiny microorganisms that feed the body, in particular the gut, with the good bacteria that the gut needs. As long as the probiotic are from a reputable supplement supplier, and as long as they are natural, the probiotics are good. If you are unsure then do some research on the supplier or make sure you use a reputable supplier.

There are probiotics for adults and probiotics for children. When you a probiotic, the wording on the packaging should tell you all about them. And if you are unsure, then ask your supplier.

Why are probiotics suddenly more in demand?

Doctors always suggest a course of probiotics (buy supplements online) when a patient takes antibiotics as they help balance the gut. Antibiotics can unbalance the gut flora and the bacteria levels in the gut. But research has shown how probiotics are important for the overall health of the body and the brain.

Gut health is linked to brain health and science has proven this. There is even a name for it, the gut-brain axis, that links the brain and the gut through the central nervous system. Probiotics feed the good bacteria in the gut, which feeds them into the gut-brain axis, maximising brain health. And vice-versa. Gut health is important all the time and not just when you take antibiotics.

Probiotics and the immune system

If you have a strong gut then you have a strong immune system. A strong gut can come from a good diet filled with all the right vitamins and nutrients, but not everyone has the time or budget for such a good diet. Our lives are busy and stressful and our lives are expensive too. Probiotics are one of those supplements that are extremely well priced which means they are affordable for everyone. We all need and want a strong immune system, something which prevents us from getting ill. It helps protect us from life-threatening diseases. If you can take a supplement to help boost immunity, you should.

Probiotic suppliers

The manufacturers of probiotics generally also make other natural wellness supplements. They are licensed and registered manufacturers and they service the health and wellness industry as well as pharmaceuticals and, in some cases, supermarkets. Buy from good suppliers and buy online as you get better prices. Of course, you can buy from the retail stores too, if you don’t mind paying a slightly elevated price. Ask your supplier which probiotics are best for the immune system and place an order.

Written by Health Contributor Lee Newton