How Long Should an Air Conditioner Last?

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How long will your AC system last? Air conditioning companies will tell you that it depends on the type, make and brand of your air conditioner, as well as the amount of work that you put your air conditioner through. It will also depend, and this is very important to note, on how you look after your air conditioner. If you leave your air conditioner to work for years and years without ever cleaning it, you are going to encounter problems. If you leave your air conditioner without doing any servicing or maintenance, you are going to get rusty parts that cannot work effectively. You are going to have parts that stop working completely. A unit can last for years or even decades, but you do need to look after it.

New air conditioning systems

Buying a new air conditioning system is expensive, as AC companies will tell you.  If you need one then you must buy one. But once you have bought your system, take care of it.

First, choose the system carefully and make sure it comes with a warranty or a guarantee. If you have any problems during the first year (which you should not have), then make sure you use your warranty. Thereafter, sign up or take out a contract with an AC company to have your air conditioning system cleaned and serviced once a year. You can choose when to do this; it does not have to be before or after a hot season –  it can be done any time, but do it. Sure, it will cost you money for this kind of contract or even for a once-off annual service, but it is far cheaper than buying a whole new system.

Energy costs and air conditioner units

An air conditioner that is constantly running is always going to be fairly expensive to operate. When you buy a new AC system, buy one that genuinely works efficiently, so read all the blurb and get a good brand that is energy efficient. Then, if you care for your system, you won’t be overusing energy. This means a clean system, which does not have to work too hard to give cool air, and a maintained system, so it works easily and without draining energy.

AC systems can be expensive to run but they can be even more expensive to fix. Service your system regularly and you will avoid major repairs and extremely high energy bills which can be associated with an AC system.

Chat to your local air conditioning company either regarding a new AC unit or for maintenance, servicing, or repairs of your current machine. They will give you the best advice regarding your current system. Air conditioning companies work with all brands and will always get you the best possible deal.

Written by Lifestyle contributor Sandra Krol