Thinking of Dyeing Your Pool for a Party/Holiday – Read This First

Pool Party

Have you been thinking about dyeing the water in your fibreglass pool? Once you have your fibreglass pool installed by Pool Builders Melbourne, you’ll usually find that the colour of the water in your pool is the same as the colour of the floor of your pool. It’s common for people to choose the colour blue for the floor of their pool. This is what gives the water in a swimming pool its colour. But you may also have heard about people colouring their pools using dyes.

So, can you dye the water in your swimming pool? The answer is yes, but there are a few things that you should know about colouring the water in your pool.

Can you dye the water in your pool?

The short answer is that yes, you can. Most homeowners have the goal of ensuring that the water in their fibreglass pools is clear and healthy. But what if you could change the colour of your fibreglass pool without there being any negative consequences?

You can buy pool dyes, which are specifically meant to dye the colour of the water in swimming pools. Never use food colouring, dyes that are used on clothing, or any other kind of dye to colour the water of your fibreglass pool.

Pool dyes are designed to be an additive that’s stain-free, and that can transform the colour of the water in a pool. Usually, you’ll find pool dyes that will turn your pool red, blue, or green. These pool dyes usually last for around five days. During these five days, your pool will be of the temporary colour that you’ve chosen.

When you first add your pool dye to the pool water, it will take around twenty minutes for the water to circulate through your pool. So if you’re planning on dyeing your fibreglass pool before a party, ensure that you add the pool dye at least an hour before the party starts.

But how do you actually add pool dye to the water in your pool? Here’s a quick guide on what you should do.

The steps involved in adding pool dye

These are the steps you should follow if you want to add pool dye to your fibreglass pool:

Step 1

The first thing you’ll need to do is calculate how much water is in your fibreglass pool. You may already know how many gallons of water it can fit, but if you don’t, you’ll need to calculate that first.

To do this, add what the depth of your pool is at the shallow end to what the depth is at the deep end. Then, divide the figure you get by 2.

This number should then be multiplied by the width and length of your pool. Should your pool be rectangular or square-shaped, then multiply the resulting number by 7.5. In case your pool is round, then you’ll need to multiply the number you get by 5.9.

This will let you know how many gallons of water you need to fill your fibreglass pool.

Step 2

You’ll need to have a bucket that can store five gallons of water, for this step. Fill the bucket until it’s half-filled, with water. Then leave the bucket next to your pool.

Step 3

Now, you need to add pool dye to the water in the bucket. Usually, for every 5000 gallons of water in your pool, you’ll need to add around 1 oz of dye. If your pool can hold around 20,000 gallons of water, then you’ll need to add 4 oz of dye to the water in your bucket.

Then, use a wooden dowel to mix the dye into the water in the bucket.

Step 4

Now, take the mixture that’s in your bucket, and ensure that it’s distributed around your pool’s interior edge. To ensure that the dye is properly circulated through your pool, you’ll need to activate your pool filter. Within twenty minutes, you should see that the water in your pool appears coloured. This colour, depending on the brand of pool dye you use, can stay for at least five days.

What you should consider before adding pool dye

If you’re worried about the pool dye you use leaving behind a stain, then don’t worry. High-quality pool dye won’t stain your pool or your clothes. So you don’t have to worry about colour in your pool getting everywhere.

Pool dye is also not toxic, and it’s non-caustic as well. With just one 8 oz bottle of pool dye, you’ll be able to change the colour of a 20,000-gallon pool at least twice. Remember though, that white clothes could still get stained in the coloured pool, so avoid wearing anything that’s white.

Once your pool has been coloured with the pool dye, everyone from animals to even pets can safely enter your pool. Note that for some pool dyes, you’ll be able to reverse the pool colouration process. When chlorine is added to the pool water, this can cause the colour in the pool to fade.

You may also be wondering what might happen if someone accidentally ingests the water in your pool. Even if this does happen, there’s nothing to worry about. Your pool equipment will be completely safe as well. You don’t have to worry about anyone getting poisoned by ingesting the coloured water in your fibreglass pool. With that said, this doesn’t mean that people should ingest the pool water to check whether it’s safe or not.

Essentially, when you add pool dye to the water in your fibreglass pool, it’s just the colour of the pool’s water that changes. You can continue to use your fibreglass pool in the same way you did when the water was clear.


If you’ve been wondering whether you can dye the water in your fibreglass pool another colour or not, then the answer is yes. Remember to only use pool dye to colour the water in your fibreglass pool. This guide can help you learn how to add pool dye to your pool, and whether it’s safe to add pool dye or not.