Mini Pool Ideas For Your Mini Backyard

Plunge pool

Do you have a small backyard? You may think that having less space in your yard means that you won’t be able to add a fibreglass pool to your home. Getting a pool installed when your square footage isn’t much may seem impossible. But a fibreglass pool can be squeezed into your backyard. All you need to do is be a little creative.

Consider getting a small pool, which isn’t larger than 12 feet. If you opt for a plunge pool, you’ll need even less space. With a mini pool, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of having a pool at home, without giving up on all the space in your backyard. Add a small garden, or even small water features to make your backyard look more appealing.

When you have a pool installed in your home, even if it is a mini pool, your property value will go up as well.

What Is A Mini Pool?

A mini pool is designed to be 12 feet or less. They come in various shapes and sizes. You can get a plunge pool for your home, a lap pool, or even a pool that’s been specially designed to function as a swimming lane. You can get custom-made fibreglass pools as well, so depending on your available space, you can choose to get a pool of any shape for your backyard.

At the moment, pools that are long and narrow are considered trendy. They are also perfect for adding a Mediterranean vibe to your backyard. A circular pool can also go well with a small backyard. They are great for corners as well, and look beautiful when you surround them with tiles.

What Should You Consider Before Adding A Small Pool To Your Backyard?

First of all, you should know where your property lines are situated. Understand also what the setbacks associated with your property line are, when it comes to adding a pool or a spa. What is the pool equipment that needs to be within the setbacks? Can they sit on the property line?

Even when you get a small pool, you’ll still find yourself dealing with zoning restrictions. You’ll need to know how much space in your backyard can actually be used to build something. Your pool will also need to have a fence surrounding it, for safety considerations.

When you gather this information, you’ll know what kind of fibreglass pool you can add to your backyard. But what are the designs you can opt for when picking a mini pool for your mini backyard?

1. Narrow And Long

Say your backyard is narrow as well as long. If this is the case, then finding a pool that you can add to your backyard is super easy. When you add a swimming pool to your home, you want it to be the key feature of the space that it’s in.

With a mini backyard, the pool really becomes front as well as centre! You can add a modern garden that surrounds your pool, which complements the style of your house. You could also get a pool that flows into various gaps in your garden, such that it looks blended with your patio.

2. Using A Pool As Decoration

In your mini backyard, your pool will be the centre of attention. You will be able to see the pool from all angles. If you don’t want a pool that you’ll regularly use, then you could consider adding a pool as decoration. But of course, you can get a decorative pool that’s functional as well.

Consider avoiding adding blue tiles to the bottom of your pool. Get a tile that’s colour is similar to your home, or the features that surround the pool. This way, you can make your backyard seem bigger. You can consult Pool Builders Melbourne about this, as they offer industry-leading experience and can work to your budget.

3. Add A Plunge Pool

For backyards that are smaller, plunge pools are perfect. Of course, you can’t practice swimming laps in a plunge pool. But you get the perfect space where you can cool off on hot summer days. You can add water features like small fountains as well. This helps in adding a sound that’s relaxing, to your pool area.

4. Adding Water Features

You can get a pool that also doubles up as a beautiful water feature. Consider adding a wall next to your pool, where you add a few outlets for water to pour out of. When you turn your water feature on, water will pour out of these outlets into your pool. Not only do you get a small pool in your backyard, but you can also enjoy the sound of water falling into your pool, any time you like.

5. Using Dark Tiles

Don’t go for blue swimming pool floor tiles. With a smaller pool, using dark-coloured tiles makes the space appear bigger. Your pool will look deeper as well. Pools that are black, dark blue, dark green, and other dark colours, can look glamorous as well. Choose a colour that contrasts well with the colour of the tiles you have on your patio.

6. Getting A Raised Pool

You can get raised decking, and have your fibreglass pool installed next to it. With a raised pool, you’ll still have a lot of space in your backyard for lounge chairs, swing chairs, and maybe even a garden. Think carefully about what your pool deck will look like as well. Go for an option that’s safe as well as suitable for the weather and climate in your hometown.

7. Get A Circular Pool

Circular pools can look great in small spaces. You’ll also be able to make your backyard appear larger with a circular pool. Around your pool, add a raised deck or even plants. It’s easier for people to create a garden around a circular pool as well, making the backyard look and feel more natural.


Having a small backyard doesn’t mean that you can’t get a fibreglass pool. From lap pools to plunge pools, there are several options available that you can add to a small backyard. Use this guide to learn more about mini pools and how to integrate them into mini backyards.

Written Lifestyle Contributor by Rosy