The importance of fitness and strength as one grows older.

Gym Old

Gyms and the way we train have changed over the decades. Fitness Caloundra and in other areashas really kept up with trends too, as have many health centres. Remember when we all did calisthenics? Neither do we! Remember when we all did Jane Fonda’s aerobic routines? We barely remember that, either! Remember when we did Oz-Aerobics? Remember the boxing phases? Sure we remember those, because boxing is still pretty on-trend.

In the old days, the same fitness and training sessions were offered to people of all ages. Now, we know better. We know that different bodies require different things. And training today is custom-designed for everyone, depending on age, ability, and strength.

Find the appropriate gym

When you find a gym, don’t just google gyms near me and join up with the first gym you walk into. Do your research properly. Yes, you do want a gym that is close to you, as you do not want to spend an hour in the traffic each way. There is no point in that. But find a gym where you will feel comfortable. Find a gym where there are other like-minded people, that has fabulous facilities and, also, really skilled and personable trainers. Find a gym that offers classes at the times that suit you, and that has a variety of classes.

We suggest that when you do find a gym, check it out properly. Ask for a tour. Let a trainer show you around. Watch a class or join in. Make sure this is the right gym for you before you sign up.

Gym contracts

Be very careful with a gym contract. How many people, including yourself, do you know who have signed up for a gym contract, been to the gym twice, and carried on paying for years and years?. If the gym contract is really good, and you are sure that this is the gym for you, sign up. But if possible, pay month by month until you are convinced. You don’t want to get drawn into a contract that is not going to work for you. Pay for the first month or two, or pay for the individual class or the private trainer, and only sign up when you know you are committed.

Find a gym that helps you commit

Some people walk into a gym and know exactly what machines they want to use and what they want to do. Others need a bit of guidance. Choose a gym where the staff have time for you, where they can show you the machines and how they work, and help you get into a routine. If you are older, choose a gym that focuses on older members. Choose a gym that has a good reputation and if you are looking for fitness Caloundra or wherever you are, go with the tried and tested gyms.

Written by Christie Molan