Get Fit and Live Better with Gyms for Over 60s!

Senior Gyms

If you are over sixty then gyms for over 60s are most likely very appealing to you. Gyms are fabulous places but they are even more fabulous when you feel comfortable in the space, when there isn’t “youth” music blaring at crazy decibels, and when you are surrounded by a lot of like-minded people. At a gym for the over 60s, you are going to find fab, interesting and fit people just like you!

Gyms for the over 60s still offer everything that you would expect from a gym – excellent floor space, state of the art gym equipment, studio space, class space, group classes, one-on-one fitness training, and amazing communal facilities. But gyms for the over 60s have fitness trainers that specialise in senior fitness, knowing exactly what works and offering the right kind of exercise programs accordingly.

Sixty is the new forty

We hate it when people say this, but it’s true! Sixty-year-olds today, those who live a good, healthy, and active lifestyle, often look much younger than they are and feel younger too. If you are over sixty, look at the gyms nearby that appeal to you and ask for a tour. You might want to join a trial class or two or chat with a personal trainer. Personal training, irrespective of your age, is always designed according to your ability and your needs. You might have the same training program as a thirty-year-old, or you might need something a little gentler. The trainers at gyms for the over 60s are all highly qualified and skilled. They understand the body and, after assessing you and your ability, will custom design the right training program for you. Or they will suggest the right gym class for you to join.

Benefits of an over sixties gym

What are the things that you don’t like about your current gym? Perhaps you hate sharing the showers and changing facilities with young men and women who don’t respect your space. Maybe sitting in the sauna would be more fun with people you can actually connect with. Maybe you cannot bear the loud music, which is something that gyms for the over 60s are really cognisant of.

At a gym for seniors, older people are seen and heard. Classes are strong, training is amazing, and the exercise programs are brilliant. But you, as an older person, are with people who are similar to you. And that is the biggest benefit of all.

Written by Lorna Mates

Training programs for the over sixties are tailor made according to ability, whether you are new to gym or whether you have been gym’ing for years. The gyms for over 60 are specially designed for you!