LS Swap Harness – What to Know


Only the devout enthusiasts will be blown away by the LS swap harness, as only a devout few are mad about race engineering. If you are one of these people who love tinkering with your car engine, and for whom driving and racing is a real passion, then you should read on.

Working on your engine means you get a better drive and a better rev. Enhancing your engine means you get the most out of your vehicle, the most power, and the most robust sound. A car wiring harness is the electrical system of a car. When you buy a car, it comes with a harness. But if you want more out of your car, and if you are racing, you want to put in a swap harness, which is added to the already extensive network of wires in your car. It’s all about the distribution of power, and a race engineer knows how to affect this.

Speed up and power up

If you are in awe of the race vehicle next to you, look at their LS swap wiring. Most car fanatics are more than happy to divulge their secrets and their systems to you. Ask them about their harness wiring and you are likely to have a fascinating conversation. You are sure to have your own secrets and systems, and we suggest you brainstorm ideas. Tell them what you know and like, and they share their tips.

Car wiring harnesses are put in for two main reasons:

  1. The original harness is not doing well and needs an upgrade or a refurbishment
  2. The car driver or racer wants more out of their harness and engine.

Some car fanatics can put in their own harness system, while others prefer an auto repair shop to do it for them. The options are always available.

Chat to an auto engineer

The best thing to do is talk to other car engine enthusiasts or take your car to a car specialist and spend time with the auto engineer. Tell them what you want out of your car and let them make suggestions. If you are the kind of racer who prefers to open your own car bonnet and get involved with the engine, then buy an LS swap harness and fit it accordingly. It can be complicated, although we presume that if you are using the internet to read about car harnesses then you already know what you are doing and what you want.

Do your research before buying a car harness. Most car harnesses are compatible with all kinds of vehicles or can be worked so that they become compatible with all vehicles. The power and strength you get from your car ultimately depend on the engine, the wiring, and the harness. If you want more power, then look at your engine and look at the kind of harness that you have. The LS swap harness will give you the most bang for your buck.

Written by Lifestyle Luke Bonaventura