Installation of roof walkway systems


Installing roof walkway systems offers a lot of benefits. Roofs are an important part of a building and besides being a barrier between your investment and the weather, they can hold very important pieces of equipment such as cooling units and skylights.

You will have to install effective fall protection systems on the rooftop for the safety of your employees and yourself. A walkway system is one of the most important safety systems that you can install on your roof.

The importance of walkway systems

Slips and trips are common hazards on the rooftop. It is more dangerous when you have a sloped roof. A walkway system will reduce such hazards and even protect the roof material from damage.

It may be necessary to install guardrails and static lines, especially when you or your employees want to work or walk within 2 meters of a fall-risk edge for a compliant and convenient height safety system. These also enhance the efficiency of your employees as they will accomplish their tasks on your rooftop with minimal disruptions.

Walkway systems are crucial, regardless of whether your roof is corrugated, standing, or made of a single-ply membrane. Installing rooftop walkways will reduce the foot traffic on your roof structure and protect you against the risk of legal action.They may also save a life.

You should consult a professional walkway system installer

If you want to install roof safety systems, you must consult a professional walkway systems installer. DIY installations aren’t compliant. If you want to achieve compliance, which is a legal requirement, it is important to consult a professional to get your height safety certification. You will also need to have the right safety equipment on your roof. The proper training to perform a DIY walkway installation will also be required. But even then, there will be a danger if you are not a trained installer. Your safety and that of your staff, contractors, and visitors, must be the last thing you can take lightly.

Professional installers have an in-depth understanding of the relevant safety considerations and regulations when it comes to the installation of height safety equipment and systems. A specialist will know the right installation methods and requirements and ensure everything is done correctly and safely. They will also provide certification and design a compliant system.

Things to consider when choosing rooftop walkway systems

  • Non-slip surface

It is important to choose a walkway system that has a non-slip surface to reduce the risks of falling when walking on the rooftop. You need to look at systems that have a ribbed or graded surface.

  • The weight of the material

You would not want to install a rooftop walkway system that will damage your roofing over time. It is important to consider the weight of the material. Aluminium is highly recommended because it is durable, lightweight, and strong enough to support your employees safely.

  • Presence of handrails or guardrails

Most suppliers of roof walkway systems in Melbourne provide systems with handrails or guardrails. They provide additional safety, especially when you are installing walkway systems on a roof with a steep slope.

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Written by Leon Spader