Essential video production equipment

Video Production

If you are looking for the right video production agency, it is important to choose a company that has the best equipment. A corporate video studio should have high end and reliable equipment. The expenses can add up so let us look at some of the most important pieces of equipment a corporate video studio should have – or which you will need if you elect to do it yourself.


If you want to achieve a polished and professional look, your studio should have high-end cameras with quality lenses. It is recommended for a good studio to have 4K cinema cameras such as Z Cam E2C, Blackmagic URSA, Canon EOS C-series and so on. If your budget only allows for a cheaper camera, you should consider DSLRs. You can also buy used cameras.

If you want to stream live, you should consider working with a studio that has live streaming cameras. For a camera to be suitable for live streaming, it should have a clean HDMI out. There should be no UI overlays on the camera outfeed. The camera should also stay active and not go onto automated idleness.


There are two types of camera lenses you can choose between prime lenses and zoom lenses. Prime lenses have a fixed focal length. They adjust frame composition and require the camera to be moved back and forth. On the other hand, zoom lenses have a variable focal length. They allow you to change the view by zooming in and out.

When choosing a video production company, you should choose a studio or company that has lenses that match the size of the room. Zoom lenses are great for corporate production as they provide much more control.

Consider the number of cameras the studio has

Whilst just one quality camera will do, we have found that having at least 2 camera angles can create a more dynamic, polished final video. It is, therefore, important to strategically place two cameras for close-up and wide shots.


It is best to have cameras mounted on a tripod to ensure they are stable. You can also look at the professional-grade equipment the video production studio has.


The trickiest part of production is when it comes to configuring the audio. The most important thing is the placement of the microphone. When a microphone is poorly placed, no matter how professional or expensive it is, it will not yield great results. You should avoid using a built-in camera microphone, as it lacks the required quality and provides little control.

It is important to place microphones very close to the speaker. Investing in a wireless microphone is a great idea.

Audio mixer

A serious video production agency should invest in an audio mixer. Each voice is unique in terms of timbre, volume and enunciation. It is therefore important to adjust the settings of the microphone for each speaker. If two people are talking, their volume settings should be set relative to each other. Mixers are also able to determine baseline background noise levels and have them cancelled out in the final audio.

Working with an experienced video production agency adept at the type of video you require will yield you best results.

Written Business Writer by Miki Cho