Look up – you never know who designed that ceiling!


A building is as magnificent as all the components and a suspended ceiling system is just one of the many components of a building. While an architectural firm will design the plans of a building, many different designers are involved with all the finishes. There is a floor specialist, a paint specialist, a cladding specialist, a cornice specialist, a ceiling specialist and a lighting specialist. Everyone works together when they need to, and the results are spectacular thanks to all these specialists. It is however important to work with the right people, and to work directly with the specialists, and not through a third party.

Architects and builders

Once an architect has completed the plans, including the modern suspended ceiling system, and the client has approved them, the architect will appoint the builders. The client must agree with these builders. There will be a project manager (who may or may not be the architect), who will visit the site daily, checking that everything is done correctly and to plan. The relationship between architects and builders is an important one, as the builder is part of everything, including all the specialities we mentioned above. They will work with the floor experts, ceiling experts, cornice experts, paint experts, etc. The architect will generally assign these experts, and so they must have a good and one-on-one relationship with them too.

Architects and ceilings

The ceiling will be part of the architect’s original plans. When an architectural firm designs a building, there is a lot of thought and consideration that has gone into these plans. It is not just the structure of the building that is important, but it is every tiny little detail. The architect will design a ceiling and the builders and project manager will work directly with the ceiling experts to ensure the perfect ceiling is put in, at the right time and at the right height. Ceilings in buildings can be dramatic and beautiful, and everything must be done just right.

Architects and floors

Just like the ceiling, the architect will have included flooring designs in the original plan. They will work with the flooring experts too, ensuring the flooring is put in at the right time, at the right angles, etc. Every detail counts in a building, and only the experts must be worked with. Again there will be a collaboration between the architect, the builders and the flooring experts.

Detail, detail, detail

Putting up a building is a big thing. It is creative and the finished result, both the interior and exterior, are going to be magnificent. Work with an architectural firm that has an outstanding reputation, knowing that in turn they will work with people who are outstanding too. You might have many meetings before you decide on a finished plan, and that is the way it should be. It is all in the detail, including a suspended ceiling system, and must be done professionally.

Written by Business writer Miki CHo