Important safety tips and precautions for dog grooming


Dog grooming is necessary – and that is why dog groomers are awesome! Dog groomers keep our dogs looking clean and neat. More importantly, they transform our dogs from cute to adorable and keep them healthy.

Whether you would like to do the grooming yourself or you prefer to set up a business and hire a few groomers under your company, this is something you can do full-time and enjoy. There are a few things you should keep in mind if you are going to get into the dog grooming business.

The thought of spending a day interacting with and taking care of a dog can be very exciting, but you should never forget that the duties of a dog groomer can be physically demanding. One should be alert as dogs can have different temperaments and personalities – just like humans! As such, there are some safety measures you should consider for the sake of the groomer and the dog.

Observe the way you take the dog from the owner

When taking the pet from the owner, you should be very careful. The pet will feel safer and more comfortable in the owner’s hands than in your hands. The owner should put their dog on the floor instead of giving it to you because this will put you in the bite range. It also makes you susceptible to aggression due to separation anxiety. The best dog grooming professional is always careful when picking up the dog from the floor with one hand under the belly and gently pulling on their leash and holding their head away.

Keeping the dog in the kennel

If the dog is going to be kept in the kennel, it is important to ensure that the leads and collars are removed. They should be restrained especially when they are going to be transferred from the tub to the dog grooming table or when they are placed on the table. Having them on a groomer’s loop or a crosstie will help avoid accidents caused by playful or nervous pets jumping off tables.

Do not be complacent

You should never be complacent with a dog you do not own. You should always remember that the dog can bite you at any time. You should therefore make sure you are away from a bite range whether you are bathing them, grooming them or moving them from one place to another.

Always know your customers

You should know your customers because they may be cuddly and cute but you do not know if that new customer has a tendency for aggressiveness. Things like phobias, fear, and anxiety can cause a dog to be aggressive so it is best to ask the owners to tell you about the tendencies from the start.

Watch out for changes in behavior

If a dog was just calm during dog grooming Orange County and it suddenly starts barking, there could be a problem and you need to be more careful.