Important Things to Know about 4×4 Awnings

4wd awning

4wd awnings in Australia provide shelter from harsh weather elements such as strong wind, heavy rain, and the relentless sun. When you add annexes and/or walls, they create enclosed areas for campers to keep their equipment safe and spend quality time relaxing and cooking without being punished by mosquitoes, flies, and weather. They offer an enhanced level of privacy and can also be erected in the same amount of time it takes to open the fridge and get your cold drink!

Not only do awnings provide shelter for your camp or a roadside cuppa, but they can also be invaluable if your car breaks down. There are reasons why travellers should stay with their vehicle when it breaks down in the outback. Exposure can be deadly. Anyone who has travelled in rural or remote places knows that shade can be hard to come by. If you have your awning, however, you can quickly create something of your own oasis to make lunch, have a cup of tea, or wait for roadside assistance or a good Samaritan if your car breaks down.

Whilst the idea of investing in an awning may seem simple, it is not an accessory you would want to skimp on when it is time to spend your money on it. There are different factors at play to ensure you get one that will stand the test of time and protect you adequately when you need it most.

Core components

When searching for a 4×4 awning, it is important to know the components to look for. You will notice various configurations, designs, and sizes. Some of them come with only two poles while others come with four poles. Some come with guy ropes, while others come without.

Despite the differences in their design and appearance, quality awnings will share the same important components. To ensure your awning remains standing and sturdy during heavy rain or high wind and provides UV protection, it is important to ensure that it has certain useful, non-negotiable build features.

  • You should consider the build construction. An awning that is made properly will set up smoothly and pack away without any problems, even for the 100th time.
  • Small details such as the right-sized bag will make zipping or unzipping up simple.
  • The best quality awnings are constructed using cotton/polyester ripstop canvas, which is used for its high UV protection and its ability to withstand extreme weather conditions and prevent water ingress for prolonged periods.

Wind resistance

Awnings that will buckle at the first hint of a breeze are useless for your 4×4 travel. Experienced travellers will tell you how volatile the weather can be while on the move. It is therefore essential to invest in an awning that will survive strong winds and heavy rain, and withstand the effects of strong sunshine UV exposure over time.


The mounting system of the vehicle should be strong, the legs should be made from strong and durable materials, and the design should allow for flex within the joints.

You should set up your 4WD awnings correctly in terms of setting your pole height and using guy ropes. Quality awnings should survive the strongest winds.

Do some research, consider your options, and purchase quality from the outset for an awning that is built to last.

Written by Mark Potter