The benefits of epoxy grout.


Epoxy grout and cement grout are often compared. Cement grout has been used by tilers for years to conjoin ceramic tiles. It is great but cement grout has become so expensive that a lot of people are reconsidering their options. It isn’t reliable for outdoor areas or rooms that get a lot of traffic daily. There are other better grouting options that you can choose from. Epoxy is gaining popularity because grout is one of the different types of grout available to tilers. Continue reading to know some of the top reasons to consider epoxy.

It is robust

Epoxy has a good reputation for being stronger than tiles. It has a composition that brings about magnified robustness and versatility. This has made it a good alternative for cement grout. It is great for high-traffic areas. The hallway and living room experience the most traffic in homes compared to the bedroom. High-traffic outdoor areas include restaurants, malls and hospitals. Heavy machinery cannot crack or crumble this grout although I am not sure about bombs.


Epoxy comes with notable features based on its porous aspect. Non-porous grout means that liquids and air cannot pass through it. It repels other substances and it is also stain resistant. It is perfect for wet environments and rooms such as chemical handling rooms, and bathrooms, and stain-prone areas such as kitchen backsplashes, walls and floors. You won’t have to worry about the substances you handle in your home when you use epoxy resin.

Does not need a sealer after the application

Grout made of epoxy solidifies very fast compared to cement grout. It is resistant to other substances and this means that you don’t have to worry about sealing the surfaces. You need to apply the grout carefully and maintain considerate cleaning of it to ensure it remains in great condition for years to come.

Epoxy does not discolour

Having a structure’s colour change from one week to another is very frustrating. Shampoo can stain your cement grout and cause discoloration. Splats of soap dish, oil, food colour and similar substances found in your kitchen can change the colour of your cement grout when they come into contact with each other. You don’t have to worry about all these things when you use epoxy for your grout solution.

Colour variation

You can find a wide range of shades when you choose epoxy. Forget about the old grey colour of cement. You can choose from any colour you want to complement your home when you choose epoxy.

Epoxy vs. cement grout

Cement grout shrinks after some time whilst epoxy will maintain its durability for years. It does not crumble, crack or shrink. You should know that cement grout is too lightweight for high-traffic areas and this means you cannot use it for your business structure. Epoxy grout is resistant to high traffic. Epoxy is not porous and this means that it escapes chemical reactions and is resistant to stains.