How often should you do yoga?


If you ask a yoga studio in Australia how often you should do yoga, they will probably say that you should try and attend at least two classes per week. You will notice though, that yoga studios hardly ever charge per class. Most yoga studios charge per month, and this allows a person to go to as many classes as they like.

A yoga teacher, who is known as a yoga practitioner, or a yogi, often does yoga every day. You can never do too much yoga unless, of course, you have an injury of sorts. Yoga is a practice that is good for the body and the mind, and the more you practice, the stronger you become and the calmer you will be. It is a good meditative practice and you can never do it too much.

Yoga for beginners

Like with any exercise regimen, one should start slowly. The studio you choose will likely have yoga classes every day of the week, but they will tell you to start slowly. Begin by signing up for two classes a week. This is a good commitment and with time you will want to do more. But start slowly so you don’t overdo it and so you remain committed and focused. And then, move on.

Try different kinds of yoga, but keep it with the one studio when you find one you love. You will learn who your favourite teachers are, which classes you like the most, and also you will learn to listen to your body. Your body may not feel like doing yoga today, but it will feel like it tomorrow.

Yoga for intermediates

The thing about a yoga class is that it takes into account all different levels of yogi practitioners. There can be beginners and the most fabulous of yogis in one class. A yoga class follows a series of poses. Each yogi does what they can. If a person can stand on their head for the duration of the headstand pose, that is wonderful. But for the person who will never stand on their head, there is another pose that the yoga instructor will show them. It’s okay to have a yoga class with different level yogis in it, but with time you will find the classes that you love and that you feel most comfortable in.

Cost of yoga

Yoga is one of those practices that is not expensive, but of course it does depend on the yoga studio that you go to. Yoga in an upmarket and luxurious area is probably more expensive than yoga on the beach, simply because you are paying the rent in the upmarket area. Do a trial class before you sign up. Also note that some yoga studios may say ‘pay what you can’ so if you do have a problem with finances, chat with the teacher. The right yoga studio for you will be a perfect fit!

Written by Sandra Krol