Effective tips for choosing the right solar installer

Solar Panels

The process of installing solar panels can seem complicated, so you will want to hire the right solar installers near you to make everything easier. You should therefore know how to choose a certified, qualified, and experienced professional installer to install your solar panels. You can do this by researching and speaking with potential installers.

Here are some of the most important factors you need to consider when choosing the right solar panel installer.

  • Credentials

Certifications are usually awarded through various organizations depending on your state. Make sure you know the top recognised organizations in your area and ensure your potential installer is certified by them. You should ensure that the solar panel installer you choose is bonded, licensed, and insured to install solar panels in your area. It is crucial to ask if they will be hiring subcontractors on your project and make sure you verify the credential of the subcontractors as well.

  • Expertise and credibility

You should seek out solar panel installers who have experience in installing solar equipment and the necessary knowledge about every aspect of the process. You should work with solar panel installers who have at least 3 years of experience in the industry, not just a standard electrician. You need to ask them how they have been in business and the number of solar panels they have installed so far to make sure you are hiring the right solar installers. Ask questions to know the modules they use and why they use them. Ask them to explain which solar panel incentives you are eligible for. You should also ask questions about their warranties.

  • Transparency

You should hire a transparent installer. There should not be any mystery about the work done on your home. You should ensure that your installer is upfront with you about the whole process and be willing to answer your questions at any given time. If your solar panel installer uses subcontractors, it is best to ensure you know which portions of your project they will work on and what oversight your solar panel installer will offer.

  • Addressing roof conditions

One of the first things the installer should do is assess the condition of your roof. You should therefore ask your installer if they recommend repairs to your roof. You should also ensure that you are clear about who is responsible for the damage that may occur on your roof or if a roof leak develops after the installation. Most roofs have vent pipes that protrude. Some solar panel installers will put the panels to fit around the vents but you might not like how it looks. If you are getting your roof fixed before the installation and you have vents that protrude, you can ask your solar panel installer if the vents can be moved to the right spot where you will not install solar panels.

If the solar installers cannot do this, then it is best to ask your roofer about replacing the protruding pipes with low-profile openings, which can fit underneath your solar panels.

Do some research and make the decision that feels most comfortable for you when it comes to choosing your solar installation company.

Written by Lorna Mates