AR15, a USA Love Story.


Do you own an AR15 rifle and are you looking for AR15 parts? Well, you are in luck as now you can buy firearms online in the USA – and that includes any parts, magazines and accessories as well.

The AR15 has a great name as an assault weapon, therefore it is not a surprise that it is one of the hottest-selling assault rifles or weapons in North America. It is used by the Police, Security firms, and the American military. Given its reputation, folks in America have also started buying it for personal use and purposes, given the 2nd amendment rights in The United States of America which grants American citizens the right to bear weapons or firearms. Due to this act in the Constitution, buying and selling firearms is very common in America when compared with other parts of the world.

The sale of these weapons online is (or should be) only to American citizens who are of legal age and after due diligence or background verification is completed.

The Founding Fathers of the country who framed the Constitution may have had a different motivation (as a matter of self-protection in colonial militias); these days however self-protection is not the only reason to arm oneself, even though it remains the primary stated reason to buy firearms. That being said, the AR 15 assault rifle is a serious piece of weaponry and hence great care should be taken while buying, as well as after the purchase as far as safekeeping is concerned.

Due to the 2nd amendment, many Americans do own assault rifles and they use them for sport. If done responsibly, then no harm is done to human life. Anyone buying or selling assault rifles, or any rifles or guns or weapons for that matter, needs to undergo relevant checks.

Rifles and sport

America is big on sports and buying firearms onlineis not something new. If you think of the Olympic Games, shooting events are top sports, and it takes great skill to get a gold, silver or bronze medal. But the ammunition used in competitive sporting programs is not live ammunition and regardless, a whole lot of safety checks always take place.

If you are going to be purchasing a rifle, do it as though you are an Olympian. Put thought into everything you do. Make sure you have all the right training. Make quite sure that everything you do follows the law and the rules of the country. Take this sport seriously. No mistakes can be made.

Why is it so easy to buy guns online?

A person can pretty much buy anything online these days, but one needs to be mindful while purchasing. Are you making the purchase from a reputable online store and has the store done their background checks? Take it seriously, do your research and put proper thought into the purchase. Are you buying it from the right kind of seller?

Whatever kind of weapon you are considering, including assault rifles and the AR15 parts, know that the internet is a great source now for firearms, parts, magazines and related accessories.

Written by Lifestyle Contributor Louis Perera