Top reasons you should consider hiring a migration agent


If you have decided to leave your country to emigrate to another country, a migration agent can help you in numerous ways.

You may think you know what visa to get and are ready to apply. However, there are a lot of reasons why you should consider hiring a professional agent.

Here are some of the top benefits of working with a migration agent when you want to move to Australia.

You have a high risk of refusal if you do it on your own

The Visa system in Australia is strict. This means if you make the wrong decision, you will put yourself at risk of refusal. Refusals have gone up and a lot of refusals arise from applicants making small mistakes such as not uploading enough documents or uploading the wrong documents. If you want to avoid these costly mistakes, it is best to hire an agent to do the work for you and ensure your application has the necessary evidence before it is submitted.

It is crucial to remember that fees are non-refundable. You will be out of pocket with nothing to show for it if you have your visa refused. Having a visa refusal will leave you a permanent mark on your record. This means that the refusal may affect your success chances if you decide to apply for another visa. So paying a professional migration agent may be a small price to pay in the long term.

Expert legal knowledge of migration law

Applying for a visa can be complex. This means that your application will be filled with jargon that you might not understand fully. If you make assumptions about the migration document wording, you will run the risk of submitting a migration application that will not meet all the requirements. This can lead to your visa being rejected.

Agents have been working in the immigration system for years. They know everything and anything to do with applying for visas. They know all the requirements, and the necessary documents and can ensure forms are filled out correctly. The migration system is always changing and it is the job of an agent to ensure they are up to date with new requirements and laws.

It should be noted that not all agents are lawyers but all agents in Australia should be registered and have a certificate in migration law. If you want an agent with experience, ask them if they have been omitted as lawyers. Another benefit of working with a lawyer agent is that if your visa gets rejected, they will represent you if you choose to appeal the court’s decision.

Agents save time

A lot of people apply for visas thinking it will be as easy as filling out and submitting a few documents. But this is not the case. You should ensure you have filled out each form correctly and collect every piece of evidence that is valuable. The process can be very time-consuming. An experienced migration agent will handle the process for you.

Written by Business Contributor Lee Newton