Top reasons why water solutions are so important


Water treatment and other types of water solutions in Sydney and elsewhereare energy-intensive and can result in a lot of greenhouse gas emissions annually. The water industry is committed to taking a leadership role in ensuring that the environment is protected. It is, therefore, important for industries to work together to thrive while tackling climate change through improving water treatment practices.

Clean water is scarce and the situation is projected to worsen due to the increasing pressure placed on water sources. Employing the right water treatment solutions can help in futureproofing your business whilst positively benefiting the environment.

Here are some of the top reasons why treating water is good for the environment and your business.

Lowering the total energy consumption

It is important for any business that the water treatment and storage measures they implement do more than just comply with the standards. You should ensure that your business understands the financial benefits that come from treating water. Ensure your treatment provider shares the same goals and vision as you and provides sustainable, quality and ethical solutions. Their investment in innovation will lead to savings for your company. Reducing the costs of operation through reduced usage of energy is a great place to turn to when we want to save.

The collection, treatment and discharging of wastewater to the necessary permit standards that ensure the environment is not affected require a large amount of energy and that is why you should work with an innovative water solutions company that strives to reduce energy consumption during water treatment.

Physical treatment of water removes the suspended solids in water and other impurities. The energy efficiency of treating wastewater is influenced by different factors, including the technology used, the sewage inflow and quality of effluent and the size of the plant. If a water treatment company modifies its treatment processes after measuring the efficiency, a treatment plant can reduce the cost of energy by up to thirty percent. The amount of energy used is important for implementing target strategies for the reduction of energy.

Improve the ESG of your business

Nowadays, in the UK for example, water treatment projects are run by the ESG (environmental, social, and governance criteria) which is more than just a new acronym in the economic environment. It is a priority for boards of directors, corporate shareholders, and customers. Industry benefits from the ESG but there are additional benefits of implementing a good treatment system. There will be an ROI as the cost of water in urban areas has increased.

Having private on-site treatment systems on your site will ease the strain on the centralised treatment plants which enhances the overall resiliency and the water quality.

Reduce reputational risks

Mitigating the overall facility risk by using good water solutions in Sydney and treatment systems comes with a lot of benefits. When deciding upon the right treatment system, a lot of plant managers focus more on short-term risk but it is important to do a cost-benefit analysis for the treatment of water due to risks associated with regulation, operation and reputation.

Written by Mark Potter