Top mistakes to avoid when designing promotional products

Promotional mugs

: Promotional products such as personalised mugs in Australia are a great way to improve the awareness of your brand and offer your customers useful, appealing branding items. However, if you want your campaign to be effective, you should leverage your chosen products properly. You can waste a lot of resources, money, and time by making certain mistakes. This will result in losses for your business.

Read on to learn some of the most common promotional product mistakes that businesses make – and how to avoid them.

  • Lack of a proper purpose

There are a lot of promotional items on the market that you can choose from. It is therefore important to understand the main purpose of your branding and marketing campaign. Whether you wish to increase traffic to your website or show appreciation for your workers or patrons with a gift, you should leverage your products to address and meet your specific purpose.

For example, you can use customised mugs – to increase brand awareness or as a perfect employee gift.

Once you know what you want to achieve, choose the right design, product, and distribution plan.

  • Substandard products

While promotional items are an affordable marketing tool, it is not advisable to use extremely cheap products. It may be tempting to invest as little money as possible, but you could end up paying a heavier price in the long run.

For example, most “cheap” items may have shoddy designs and can break easily due to the materials used to make them. You are, therefore, unlikely to see a positive return on investment when you use “cheap-and-nasty” items.

It is therefore wise to choose quality materials when it comes to purchasing promotional items. You do not want to break your budget, but you should ensure your mugs (or whichever other type of promotional merchandise you prefer) are up to acceptable standards.

  • Using the wrong product

There are a lot of options you can use to promote your business. However, this does not mean that you should use just any product you come across; it needs to be an on-brand product for your business. A company that sells sports equipment, for instance, is better with custom water bottles than custom mugs.

You should take your time to research the interests and hobbies of your target audience if you want to find the right product. You can then choose a product that appeals to them and also suits your brand.

  • Not adding your message

Promotional items are meant to promote your business and market it to potential customers. They should be used to remind the user that your business exists and offers certain types of products and services. However, if you fail to add your logo, branding colours, and your promotional message to the item, you will be giving out free gifts for nothing!

  • Poor timing

If you want to use personalised mugs Australia to promote your new product or service, you should consider and adhere to proper timing. Start distributing the items when the product is ready for sale. You do not want people asking for a product that you do not have.

Partner with a premium supplier and make considered choices to appeal to your target audience.

Written by Kirsty Jones.