To use more than one device at a time, buy a USB C Hub

usb c

If you use more than one device at a time, then buy a USB c hub or dock because it really will change your life. What does a hub do? It allows you to connect all your essential devices through one cable into your laptop or computer. It means you do not need to find a whole bunch of different mains plug points and you do not need to move around to reach one device or the other. You have everything with you in one place at the same time!

Hubs are portable and you can use them at home or in the office, while you travel, and even in a café or restaurant if you like to sit and work in a public space.

USB C hub features

If you look to buy a USB C hub online you will see that there are many different types and different brands. Make sure the hub that you buy is compatible with your laptop or computer and that it has enough ports. The specifications are always clear so you are unlikely to have problems.

The number of devices you need to use simultaneously will dictate the hub that you buy. You might want one with four ports, one with six ports, or even one with eight ports. USB hubs are designed to be slim and sleek. That is the main feature of a USB C hub – convenience and no mess.

Who needs a USB C hub?

You can benefit from a USB C hub if you use more than two devices at once.

  • Perhaps you just enjoy gaming and need a USB C hub totally for pleasure, allowing you to game easily. This is a pretty good leisure use of a USB C dock.
  •  Perhaps you need a fully functional workstation where you can use all your devices at once, easily and comfortably. You need a USB C hub.

Difference between a docking station and a USD C hub

Docking stations are still important pieces of equipment, often used in an office or workplace where all the workers need to connect to the same computer or similar. A USB c dock is perhaps more for a solo person who likes to connect multiple devices, but it can also be used by a few people at the same time, say you and friends are all working, gaming or writing.