How to efficiently work with financial recruiters

Finance Worker

Finance recruiters have the goal of finding the best match between potential employees and organizations. If you are pursuing a career in the field of finance, it can be very hard to find a match for yourself. You shouldn’t struggle on your own when you can let the expert professionals use their knowledge and connections to help you achieve the best fit.

This guide will help you understand how to work with finance staffers successfully to meet your goals.

Learn the basics

The first thing you need to understand is what a finance staffer does. Generally, they source, interview, screen and place potential finance candidates to meet the needs of clients. They are hired by the company so it is important to remember that the needs of their clients are their top priority. It is also in their best interest to treat their candidates equally and with respect.

Whilst finance staffers deal with private equity firms, investment banks and hedge funds, most of them work across industries such as manufacturing, IT, gas and oil. Finance staffers will place candidates in different areas including accounting, planning and investor relations.

Choose the right one

There are a lot of staffers who work in different careers including finance. Some work specifically in the field of finance. Whilst general staffers can help you a big deal, those that specialize are likely to know everything about each pursuit. Therefore, if you are looking for a niche position, you will want to choose a specialized staffing agency.

Another consideration you need to make is whether the recruiter is national or local. Local staffers have a better read on what is going on around town. If you are determined to stay in your community, going local will make the most sense for you. Local staffers may not be as big as national staffers but that could work in your favour if you are looking for personalised services. On the other hand, if you are willing and ready to venture into new parts of the world, you will need an international firm.

Make prudent decisions

After determining whether you want to work with a specialized or general recruitment firm and whether you want to go national or local, it is time to be specific. Which particular company is best for you? Some companies have a good reputation. Before deciding on a particular staffer, do a background check to ensure they have the right qualifications.

It is time for a contact

If you have found the right finance recruiters to work with, it is time to reach out to them and talk to them. You will want to ensure your CV is in the best shape. This may require getting some professional help to ensure your most valuable qualities are outstanding. You may also want some help in writing your cover letter. You do not have long to make a good first impression.

Written by Mark Potter