Essential guide to basic IT management services for startups


Every startup should know the importance of working with an IT support services firm. IT (information technology) is at the heart of all businesses. Systems, software, and apps allow you to create reports, communicate with customers and suppliers, manage your accounts and connect with the outside world through the internet. You do not need to be an expert, but every business owner should learn and understand the basic information technology systems, solutions and software they use.

The basic ingredients

Today, a lot of businesses use a combination of laptops, mobile phones, tablets and fixed terminals. If you want your business to thrive, you should ensure each employee has a device to access your systems and network. Currently, PCs running Microsoft Windows operating systems are very popular for office-based businesses. A lot of businesses use mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones for work. Mobile apps enable staff members to access your services and software remotely from their phones or tablet.

The capabilities of your systems depend on cloud services and the software you use. You are likely to need printers and other accessories.


The basic software that runs a computer is the operating system. Microsoft Windows is the most common operating system in the business sphere. Most PCs come with Microsoft Windows already installed.

Your servers also require operating systems and you will need to update your operating system regularly to ensure that it functions properly. Your chosen IT support agency will ensure you have the right software at any given moment to ensure safety.

An office suite allows you and your employees to work with common business files and documents. Web browsing software allows you to access the internet. Some of the most popular web browsing software include Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Email software allows you to receive and send emails. Some of the most popular email software include Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail.

Cloud computing

As cloud computing continues to become more popular, it is gradually replacing traditional software in different areas of business information technology. They could help you be more flexible and get the information technology system you need. Cloud computing services can be accessed over the internet. The services are very versatile and most cloud packages include support and maintenance.

Your network

Your network will allow you to connect your computers to other devices. If you have fewer than five employees working for you, you can create a simple network. If you have more employees then you may need a complex network. Larger businesses build their network around a server. A wireless network can provide extra flexibility and you may want to provide remote access to your network.

Getting online and IT security

Work with your IT support services firm to determine the type of internet connection that best suits your business. You should make sure that the connection you have is reliable and fast. The information you have on your system is valuable and that is where security comes in. You should physically protect your equipment and design your network with security in mind. Run security software on your devices and create a backup system.

Do some research to identify the right IT support agency to meet your needs.

Written by Business Contributor Kate Vosburgh